Technical Consultancy

Whether you're a technology company or simply use tech to power your business, the right tech strategy, hardware and software roadmap will make a tremendous difference to your success. Over time, sometimes the vision for technology in an organisation can become blurred, particularly if mergers or acquisitions have taken place. We can help you to plan a way forward which optimises efficiencies and helps all your systems work together better.

01 How we can help

Technical Consultancy

Strategy reviews help us to analyse your technology route map and whether the systems that you have in place meet the needs of your business now and in the future.

Software and hardware reviews will help us assess the quality and suitability of your hardware infrastructure and software. Where bespoke systems are used, we will analyse the code to understand its ability to perform your key business functions. We will also evaluate how well your software products are integrated and whether improvements could optimise the performance of your business.

Digitising a new operation entails important decisions around software selection and deciding which product or system will best fit with your existing technology. We can help you with these decisions.


The benefits of our service

Our technical consulting services can help you in several ways, including:

  • Understanding why some technical issues seem to keep arising, even after corrections have been made
  • Knowing why some of your applications are slow
  • Giving you an accurate picture of your cyber security resilience and the robustness of your GDPR preparations from a technology standpoint
  • Understanding why costs may have increased without improvements in performance, speed or security


The Value of Strong Technology

Whether your organisation is founded on technology, or technology is merely an essential tool for delivering your services, concern in this area can be debilitating.

In addition to our Technical Consultancy service, investors seeking to acquire or invest in another company will find our Technical Due Diligence useful too. This offers an investor-focused analysis of the technology in any business.

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