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International Product Sales

Pimberly’s PIM system makes it easy to increase your international product sales.

In the competitive world of e-commerce, expert use of product data should form a key part of your online e-commerce strategy, especially when entering new markets.

When selling products in new territories, there are two major product data challenges: different specifications and different languages. Pimberly will help you excel in both these areas, giving your customers the reassurance that they are buying from a high quality online retailer.

Different Specifications

Specifications may need to vary for a variety of reasons: customer preferences, local requirements and regulation. Keeping track of this information and presenting it coherently can be complex. Pimberly makes it straightforward! With Pimberly, product information and assets are intelligently stored and seamlessly presented to the right buyer in the right territory with all data attached to SKU numbers for the right product.

Working with Pimberly will enable you to respond to the requirements of local and global online channels such as Amazon and eBay for detailed meta data that’s specific to each region. These could include:

  • Different sizing for clothing and footwear between the US and Europe.
  • Electrical standards on consumer electronics items.
  • Electrical accessories to meet the needs of different consumer devices.
  • Food and drug safety information and categories to comply with regulation.
  • Information on food and cosmetic allergens and provenance.
  • Different uses of clothing and household items for cultural festivals.
  • Luggage sizing to meet local airline baggage requirements.
  • Packaged media in different languages and with varying age classifications.

Global sales becomes easier with high quality product data that builds trust in new markets.

Different Regions

The second challenge is that correctly localised versions of product data need to be presented to the customer in the relevant country and via the relevant channels.

Pimberly can store localised product data that is either a direct translation of the copy or content that is localised for different markets. 

Find out how this expert PIM platform can support your international product sales. Contact us to find out more.

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