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E‑Commerce Experiences

To create a truly successful e-commerce operation, it’s helpful to enhance the customer journey with the right content and personalised offers. Customers want to interact with brands when, where and how they want, picking up offers as they transition between online and retail and moving from desktop, to mobile, to IoT and VR, leveraging the convenience of an omnichannel experience.

Today’s e-commerce needs to be run by flexible technology that can receive customer information from CRM systems and turn it into personalised communications that can be presented differently on a multiplicity of devices.

If you’re looking to achieve these objectives, Magnolia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a winning solution to these challenges. Stay with us while we explain how.

Why Power Your E‑Commerce with Magnolia?

Consumers value content that is valuable and easy to find. Enhance the performance of your e-commerce platform by delivering personalised offers and tailored content to your customers – right channel, right content, right time!

Magnolia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables you to:

  • Integrate with the leading e-commerce platforms with ease.
  • Display high quality content across a wide array of devices, altering content for individual channels and consumer behaviour.
  • Personalise the buying journey fuelled by insights from your CRM.
  • Adapt your messaging in response to location and device data.
  • Let customers shopping online know if stock is available in their local retail store and allow them to reserve it.
  • Combine e-commerce with in-store digital for a more interactive and visible presence.
  • Customers can check and compare products and services, reviews and offers, moving seamlessly from desktop to mobile to in-store digital.
  • Social media is now another buying channel. Almost 50% of 18-34 year olds have purchased via social media. Create content that catches the mood and format of social media channels, personalised with consumer data from Magnolia’s DXP.
  • Use customer loyalty programmes that allow customers to benefit from interacting with your brand across different channels and locations.

Utilising Magnolia’s DXP, your customer journey will be more personalised and engaging, every step of the way. Contact us below to find out more.

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