Our Partner: Magnolia

Headless DXP

Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are a major innovation, a metamorphosis from the traditional Content Management System (CMS). DXPs are ‘headless platforms’ that can drive a variety of digital experiences, from websites and mobile apps, to digital signage, VR experiences, kiosks and more. You can decide!

We chose Magnolia as our partner due to the seamless programming and ease of use and Magnolia’s DXP has been named ‘Visionary’ by Gartner® in its Magic QuadrantTM.

A good DXP is rated by its ease of use, the time it takes to launch experiences and the customer experience. We think that Magnolia’s got it all.

A Scalable Composable DXP

What is a composable DXP? It’s a DXP which can grow from its initial implementation to deliver higher degrees of functionality and customer interaction.

To use a website as an example, your Magnolia DXP can drive the website front end (the website that you actually see), together with an incredible range of integrated applications such as your e-commerce system, CRM and marketing platform, AI fuelled search software and pretty much any business application that will contribute to your digital experience.

This illustration shows how it works. Magnolia’s DXP sits in the middle, driving your main digital experience: a website, mobile app, Virtual Reality experience, a kiosk or digital signage presentation. Then, a wide variety of third party applications can be integrated with your Magnolia DXP, including:

  • Single sign on to simplify access for your team
  • CRM and marketing automation – to personalise the customer experience
  • Mobile applications – so that information on your website is presented for this unique channel
  • E-commerce – given an extra boost with personalisation by your CRM tool
  • AI-fuelled search – presenting high quality customer information and product selection

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