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A Pimberly Product Information Management (PIM) platform can transform not only your e-commerce business but your business overall.

Incorporating both product data and Digital Asset Management (DAM), this is a platform that can present detailed meta data on your products through all your critical sales channels.

This expert PIM platform will enable you to rapidly launch new merchandise to your digital sales channels with all the data and assets that customers need to make an informed purchase. 

Information and assets will boost your sales and build your reputation as a trusted brand. Returns will be reduced with customers making better buying decisions.


A Product Rich Headless Strategy

As software strategists, we want to help you make better decisions about product information management as part of your e-commerce strategy.

We can integrate Pimberly into your existing systems or include it in a wider update to your technology ecosystem. Combining this amazing software with a high quality headless Digital Experience Platform will provide a seamless, data rich experience for your customers.

Utilising the power of a headless DXP, detailed product data and great product assets can be accessed across your web properties and included on your website, mobile apps, retail displays and VR experiences.

Return on Investment

Implementing this powerful Product Information Management (PIM) platform will boost your ROI for many reasons:

  • Increased speed to market, delivering products online ahead of the competition.
  • Customers will buy more products because they will feel confident that the specification matches their needs.
  • Pimberly’s integrated Digital Asset Management system will enhance the presentation of your products across all channels, enabling access to high quality images and video.
  • Sales of related products will increase as customers feel more confident that they’re buying compatible items.
  • Better purchasing data mean that returns are significantly reduced.
  • Entering other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon is easier with the detailed meta data that’s essential for these channels.


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