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Deliver Personalised Content

Personalisation is becoming an increasingly important component in today’s digital marketing, both in terms of tailoring experiences to meet the needs of individual consumers and in creating options within a user journey that pique customer interest.

Magnolia is at the forefront of delivering personalised experiences with a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that’s flexible enough to perform in a multitude of ways.

A key element of Magnolia’s personalisation is its ability to connect seamlessly to additional third party software, such as CRM systems that hold your customer data, marketing platforms, AI-enabled search tools and social media monitoring. This eco-system facilitates granular insights on consumer behaviour that can be turned into exciting user experiences.

Multiple Routes to Personalisation

Magnolia offers multiple routes to increased personalisation. Here are just some of the ways that its powerful and flexible DXP can help:

  • Use research into consumer profiles to create enhanced user journeys throughout your digital estate.
  • Tailor your content for different consumer devices such as desktop, mobile and many others. Magnolia enables your team to take content and easily adapt it for different channels without leaving the platform. Need a more closely cropped image of that sweater for mobile? Crop your image within the Magnolia mobile workflow to ensure that the sweater appears at its best.
  • Present different content to visitors from different geographical regions, including different language versions.
  • Easily handle a large number of assets, either within Magnolia or by using a third party Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform and select the best assets for each marketing channel.
  • Running a site with content supplied by different partners? Let your partners maintain their areas so that content is always up to date.
  • Integrate social media posts into web properties. This makes web pages more dynamic and fast moving, and faster to respond to current events.
  • Bring on board in-store tablets and digital kiosks with information that helps consumers continue their journey.
  • Analyse consumer journeys and buying patterns by integrating statistical tools. Find out which pages are visited most often and optimise your content.

Magnolia’s customers see an increase in their share of mobile traffic, online sales and keyword performance. Let us help you achieve the same success. Contact us now.

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