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B2B Products

With Pimberly, it’s easy to sell B2B products with complex product data.

If clients are visiting your website and considering your products, their journey will be the result of a huge effort by your sales and marketing teams. Your sales team may have recommended a product to a client – or your marketing team may have fostered the lead through online marketing. Sales and marketing may have worked together to bring this valuable customer to your product page – this customer is precious!

So what do clients see when they research your B2B products online? Does your website answer every question they could have about your product? Can the client see great images and video that reassure them that this is a high-quality product that correctly meets their need?

Great product information reassures clients that they are buying from a professional trade supplier that understands local regulation and market needs.

Take Control of Product Data

With Pimberly, you can take full control of your B2B product data:

  • Present the right products to the right clients.
  • Store data on each product in one place but hold different options for different clients.
  • Keep all your digital assets – images, video, 3D animation in the same place.
  • Deliver the right data instantly to your trade customers, helping them to become enthusiasts for your brand.
  • Upsell with easy references to associated products.
  • Increase your footprint across different online marketplaces with all the data needed for new channels.
  • Easily represent your products in international markets.

Excellent product pages are those that clients want to share and review, bringing more customers to your business!

Regulation and Provenance

Pimberly’s detailed B2B product pages and integrated Digital Asset Management mean that product data and images can be verified by your clients.

Here are just some of the ways that Pimberly makes regulatory compliance easier:

  • Food safety regulation.
  • Medical product regulation.
  • Packaged media age certification.
  • Electrical and safety standards.
  • ESG data relating to regulation, emissions and provenance.

Pimberly is the expert PIM platform to support sales of your B2B products. Contact us to find out more.

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