Our Partner: Magnolia

Multi‑Lingual Websites

Developed in Switzerland, a country with three official languages, Magnolia has been designed to accommodate multi-lingual content and domains.

We are proud to have delivered a multi-lingual website project involving 15 languages for an international brand and would be delighted to help you understand the benefits of utilising Magnolia in this way.

The Benefits of Magnolia for Multi‑Lingual Web Properties

Magnolia’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) enables seamless handling of content in different languages. Here’s why:

  • Magnolia’s design is intuitive so you don’t need to hunt for the right place to edit or create content.
  • Manage multi-lingual content on different domains or on the same domain, making it easyto handle both French for France and French for Belgium, for example.
  • Work with different character sets and right-reading content in languages such as Arabic.
  • Present local branding on different sites with simple adaptations of web templates.
  • Utilise the same or different sitemaps in different territories. Copy and reuse the same content where appropriate or create unique content for different territories – the choice is yours.
  • Add workflows so that content managers can check and localise pages for their markets.
  • Ring fence assets so that they can only be used by certain territories – or make them available to other users.
  • Integrate your website properties with your CRM or marketing automation so that data can be exchanged with the relevant web properties.
  • Use your e-commerce platform within your web properties, increasing sales opportunities. If you’re publishing a story about a new product in your news section, why not include a ‘click to buy’ section?
  • Enable translators and proof readers to access defined sections of your website to work on their content whilst restricting publication until final checks have been made.

Magnolia is such a flexible and intuitive platform that it’s easy to manage complex transcreation processes.

We would be pleased to provide a demonstration so that you can see how Magnolia can work for you. Contact us today.

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