Paving the way to Kuwait's leading online classifieds

The Challenge

Q8Car/4sale are the two biggest names in e-commerce in Kuwait, both sharing a common team.

NBK Capital, a leading private equity firm in the Middle East, became interested in acquiring the company. NBK Capital needed an independent analysis of the Q8Car/4sale technology solution, roadmap and team in order to make an assessment of the company's worth and resilience. The company engaged the Arishi team to conduct Technical Due Diligence prior to making the acquisition.

The Solution

Delivering our highly regarded Technical Due Diligence service, the Arishi team met the Q8Car/4sale development team at their office in Cairo.

We assessed the capabilities of the team and how they worked together. We also evaluated the quality, security, scaleability, performance and resilience of both the product code and infrastructure. Finally, we evaluated the company's compliance with legal and ISO standards, its QA and customer support processes and its roadmap for future development.

The Outcome

We provided a successful review of the Q8Car/4sale team and its current e-commerce technology. As part of our review, we were also able to help the company plan the next iteration of its platform. During the discovery, we helped Q8Car / 4Sale tighten its security and offered additional technical advice. Q8Car/4sale remains the top auto listing platform in Kuwait for the 17th year in a row and remains privately owned.