Working With Magnolia CMS to Make VR a Business Reality

Working With Magnolia CMS to Make VR a Business Reality

14 April 2023

In case you didn’t already know, we are in the midst of an immersive technology revolution. Virtual reality, or VR for short, has gone from a novelty or gimmicky product experience you would stumble across at a tradeshow, to a highly regarded business investment. Many companies, investors, start-up founders and technology executives and consultants across the globe are adopting VR into their marketing, education, training and development, and overall business strategies to create true-to-life simulations that drive e-commerce sales and productivity. VR can minimise costs associated with travel, employee training time and wasting unnecessary company resources.

This immersive technology’s transition from entertainment to utility is due to two key changes:

  1. There is better availability and affordability of headsets than 10-15 years ago

  2. Today, there are better 3D engines that provide more realistic environments and tactile interaction.

As a result, VR headsets are now evolving at a much faster rate and price point, partly also due to their shared architectural heritage with smartphones (love it or hate it, we can thank Google Cardboard for that).

If we were to add on a bonus reason for VR’s increase in popularity, it would be Covid-19. The pandemic has forced people to not only stay indoors but to revisit immersive technology from an educational and training standpoint.

VR surgical training is a great example of the way that virtual reality supports training. Surgical trainees and interns have been put into practical, simulated experiences to improve their medical skills and intraoperative knowledge within a safe environment. Improvements in real hand tracking is making training less of a cognitive leap and more useful as a training method.

At our core, we are an end-to-end technology company where most of our background is in providing software for backend ‘heavy lifting.’ We have been in immersive technology since 2008 and were the first in the UK to deliver augmented reality solutions. We see the recent reinvigoration of the immersive sector as an opportunity to combine these skills to provide something valuable and unique within the market. We deliver top tier experiences that not only look great but are custom-built to suit all of your functionalities. 

How do we do it? We work with the best hardware and software for your project, ensuring that it truly delivers on your creative brief. The right choice of hardware, screens, VR headsets and supporting technology makes a huge difference to the experience, but our secret ingredient lies within our chosen Content Management System (CMS).

Sit down, relax, and get your headset on as we walk you through how our VR technology fits best with Magnolia CMS.

Delivering robust VR experiences powered by Magnolia CMS:

Magnolia offers an enterprise-grade headless CMS which is competitively priced and enables its users to align all web properties, backend product databases, e-commerce solutions and digital marketplaces in a single, fast-moving system. Magnolia’s robust CMS manages spatial and 3D content such as 360-degree photos and videos, complete 3D models, textures, environments and even game levels that can be published to any VR or AR touchpoint. They believe that everyone can manage VR experiences with the right CMS and that publishing a VR experience is as easy as posting a normal webpage. This is due primarily to the fact that the current web browser support for VR is powerful enough to create high-level experiences in a VR headset or a smartphone. As Magnolia allows you to manage all of your content in one place (text, images, videos, marketing materials, etc), updates to your VR application are easy to publish and are sent out instantly.

By working with Magnolia, we can launch a seamless VR experience across every web property at speed, even scheduling content to refresh on specific dates. Together we can deliver immersive experiences that encourage customers to shop in stores that are never busy and empower students to learn in a secure and engaging environment.

Virtual Reality has reinvented itself in the market and is now driving interest for businesses and institutions. It has become more accessible, both technologically and financially, and can now be managed by robust and innovative content management systems like Magnolia CMS.

At Arishi, we are experienced at uniting creative ideas with profitable business processes. We'd love to show you our most recent work and explain how our use of advanced technology enables us to offer fully immersive, physical experiences which can be quickly updated. We invite you to explore with us how VR can be turned into a successful learning, e-commerce and brand-building experience. Download our VR brochure or Get in Touch to kickstart your VR project.


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