Key Arishi Team Member Receives AI Ethics Certification

Key Arishi Team Member Receives AI Ethics Certification

08 March 2024

Congratulations to Elizabeth Chew, our fantastic project manager, who is in the first cohort of graduates from the BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT in its AI Ethics certification.

Elizabeth was honoured to be invited to Mansion House, home of the Lord Mayor of London, Michael Mainelli for a ceremony to receive her certificate in the Ethical Build of AI.

AI Ethics forms a cornerstone of the Lord Mayor's year and this energy is bringing together groundbreaking professional education by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (The CISI).

Elizabeth’s training covered ethical principles, the role of regulation, how to scope an ethical AI project, different types of AI, and data privacy and governance. We're so glad that Elizabeth had the opportunity to study the latest thinking in this fast-moving area.

The event at Mansion House included a discussion between the Lord Mayor and Baron Holmes of Richmond MBE (Christopher Holmes).

Baron Holmes is leading the introduction of the UK AI Bill which, at the time of writing, is about to have its second reading the House of Commons.

The UK AI bill draft emphasises regulatory principles such as safety, transparency, fairness, accountability, and inclusivity in AI development and deployment. The bill stresses public engagement and consultation on AI risks and opportunities. It defines AI as technology enabling data perception, automated data interpretation, and decision-making to achieve specific objectives, including generative AI.

The bill proposes the establishment of an AI Authority, tasked with overseeing the role of regulation and coordinating legislative reviews to address AI challenges. Company officers will need to designate staff responsible for ethical and unbiased AI use and data practices. There will be a requirement for transparency in AI training data and intellectual property usage, clear labelling of AI products or services, and independent auditing of AI processes.

Commenting on the event, Elizabeth said: “The programme was enlightening and useful in equal measure. I was delighted to be asked to attend the ceremony at Mansion House and to see how the concept of Ethical AI is expanding into law and best practice so rapidly in the UK.”

The drafting of the UK AI bill follows the recent endorsement of European Members of Parliament of the EU AI Act. We are dedicated to ensuring that the AI work we deliver complies with future legislation and best practice, for the protection of all data subjects.


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