Digital Trends: Headless CMS

Digital Trends: Headless CMS

15 December 2020

So what are the latest digital trends? Well it's the headless CMS!

Content management systems (CMS) have been in existence since web version 1.0? Server-side scripting technologies set the scene for the earliest forms of the CMS platforms that we know and use today. Fast-forward to 30 years later and we can see how CMS platforms have come a long way from simple, static blogs. Today's CMS are complex, dynamic systems that are well-optimised for all digital platforms: desktop, mobile and other connected devices. So, what is in store for 2021? We believe that digital experiences will leave legacy CMS behind and switch to a modern headless CMS standard. Here's why.

First things, first, what is a headless CMS?

The headless CMS is the latest digital trend and it's here to last. Quite simply, this technology is an innovative variation on a content management system that allows content publishers to organise and deliver content across multiple devices and channels from a single source. With this approach, an enterprise can include any digital platform into its ecosystem without restriction. But why is this so important?

Legacy content management systems often provide a 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) way of editing and delivering content solely for a web-based channel. These monolithic, off-the-shelf CMS solutions may be suitable for some, but more enterprises are opting for a modernised approach that is integration-ready, scalable, flexible and headless. This is due to one critical factor: exceeding customer expectations.

In their Digital Experience in 2020: Why Websites and Apps Aren't Enough white paper, Magnolia, a Swiss technology company and leader in the next generation in CMS, found that consumers demand cutting-edge, hyper-personalised digital experiences. The white paper goes on to explain that rather than facilitating collaboration between marketers and developers, legacy CMS have limited team freedom, stifled innovation and are unable to cope with today's multichannel market.

By comparison, headless CMS provide a more sophisticated, centralised interface for digital marketers, unifying content and data, unlike any legacy CMS.

Why we choose Magnolia for headless CMS

With a track record of delivering lightning-fast, headless CMS, Magnolia supports enterprises in managing content unlike no other.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing headless CMS with Magnolia:


  • Flexible tried and tested omnichannel-ready distribution: Magnolia's headless CMS makes it easy to connect different applications and deliver content, no matter the channel (desktop, mobile, service portals, in-store displays, IoT devices and more).
  • The end of content duplication: With Magnolia's CMS, create content once and it's delivered everywhere.
  • Reduced time to market: Content is delivered at the same time to your website, mobile, wearable technology, service portals and all other channels – thus reducing time to market.
  • Sophisticated architecture: Magnolia's architecture allows its CMS to communicate with the front-end delivery layer and enable data to flow in the other direction. You can collect data from all digital touchpoints and use it to personalise marketing campaigns.
  • Unrivalled security: Magnolia is built on robust, industrial strength technologies like Java which are performant and secure This is combined with a solid architecture which mitigates all the normal attack vectors used by hackers.
  • Easy Page Editing: Magnolia allows you to edit pages on your site with a ‘What You See is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) layout that makes updates fast and controllable.


So, should your enterprise consider headless CMS or is it just the latest digital trend? The answer is a big YES! Get in touch with us to take your website and content management to the next level.


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