Highly customised e-commerce applications

The Challenge

WileyFox operates in a highly contended market and in order to improve sales, engaged in a series of online campaigns. However, the company needed to improve its way of managing and tracking leads and take control of its sales funnel, using InfusionSoft as its CRM and Yotpo for its e-commerce marketing.

The e-commerce application selected by WileyFox was based on Magento and did not have integrations covering the use cases required.

The Solution

We built bespoke connections to both Yotpo and Infusionsoft to facilitate the tracking and onboarding of prospective customers. Key actions within Magento were defined so that administrators of the store would not need to undertake any operations manually or require a developer to perform these tasks. The end result is an entirely seamless integration.

The Outcome

WileyFox had much better visibility of its online sales funnel and were therefore better able fine tune offerings to boost sales.

As a result of the work we delivered, WileyFox could identify the point in a purchase that it was losing certain customers and tie this information directly into the way products were presented on the site.