Multiple bespoke integrations, delivered in tight timescales

The Challenge

TalkTalk had undertaken a brand refresh. As part of this, the telecommunications giant had redesigned its careers website.

The next step was to integrate the current job listings which were previously pointing to an unbranded portal provided by WorkDay.

It was important to continue using WorkDay to manage job postings and communicate with candidates but TalkTalk needed to present the vacancies on its own website. While WorkDay does provide some limited tools for displaying jobs on other websites, the options for the formatting didn’t align with TalkTalk’s brand or the page layouts. TalkTalk needed functionality with more flexibility and with more control from within the website itself.

The Outcome

The Arishi team is expert at complex integrations, including those involving web properties. We recommended that TalkTalk transfer its website management from Umbraco to the leading Swiss Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Magnolia.

Our solution gave TalkTalk superior website management and enabled the careers team to continue managing its content through WorkDay, with the content updated automatically and immediately on the website.

TalkTalk can also browse and edit jobs from within Magnolia for added flexibility.

Candidates can also apply directly through the site and are able to navigate through a consistently-branded series of pages to get to the correct job listings before reaching the application process.

The Solution

We built a bespoke connector for WorkDay and integrated it in to their CMS (Magnolia).

The connector allows them to mix content from Magnolia with jobs in any combination of categories on any page. The job listings are fully integrated within the page design and can be added and moved around on any page, even allowing certain jobs to be curated and highlighted in parts of the site. The connector syncs any changes from WorkDay and also provides an element of resilience to ensure continued reliability of the listings shown on the site.