T3 Magazine

T3 Magazine

T3 bursts in with augmented reality issue

The Challenge

T3 is one of the UK's longest established and leading technology magazines. The magazine was keen to provide a leading edge showcase of Augmented Reality (AR) technology within the magazine. Part of its requirement was to use the experience to provide 'extra content' that was not easy to squeeze onto the printed page.

The Solution

We worked with a film crew to help devise the opening shot, allowing the editor to literally 'burst' through the front cover of the magazine. Several key contributors were also filmed talking about their columns and providing additional commentary on their pieces and these were integrated within the issue.

The Outcome

Using the technology, we developed, T3 demonstrated the symbiosis between print and digital by using the magazine to unlock additional full-length commentaries by its columnists.

The T3 AR experience helped to maintain the magazine’s position as one of the UK's premier technology titles.

Fun Fact

You can view the clip below: