Selecta Group

Selecta Group

Delivering joy to company restaurants across Europe

The Challenge

Serving over 10 million people at their 475,000 points of sale worldwide, Selecta is a major European provider of coffee and convenience food solutions to workplaces and public spaces.

Selecta had recently acquired Gruppo Argenta, a leading Italian player in the vending industry serving 55,000 clients per day. Gruppo Argenta needed to replace its legacy Content Management System (CMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and integrate all of its digital platforms into Magnolia, Selecta's preferred CMS.

The integration process meant updating Gruppo Argenta's lead capture process, re-establishing new internal processes, an extensive rebrand and cross-training.

There was a strict deadline for the project and there were communication challenges between English and Italian, which affected both the Magnolia CMS training sessions and the
platform implementation.


The Solution

In only three weeks we implemented the following changes:

  • Migrated Selecta to Magnolia's enterprise CMS and away from the legacy system.
  • Analysed processes and codes to create an optimal solution.
  • Converted Gruppo Argenta's undocumented processes into Magnolia CMS workflows, to better manage and monitor business processes.
  • Allocated Italian speaking resources to support web template changes and training support.
  • Trained the local Gruppo Argenta staff to create, modify and update pages independently.
  • Executed requests to improve system alignment with the
  • Group UX strategy.
  • Provided expert insights derived from working with other Selecta territories.

The Outcome


After our implementation, Gruppo Argenta:

  • Had successfully delivered the project without any impact on its online customers.
  • Continued to interact seamlessly with its existing back-end and support.
  • Experienced immediate benefits from the new CMS, including improved functionality and day-to-day processes.
  • Enjoyed additional support from Arishi as we helped the client to improve its sister websites, such as




"The site now has optimal functionality: it is constantly accessible and very fast. Since we did the migration to Magnolia, we noticed that leads increased 5% in just the first few months. More thorough analysis will follow later in the year but the trend seems to be increasing.

In terms of the site build, it is certainly more comprehensive than our previous site, much more reliable and much better protected from a cyber security perspective than before.

Working with Arishi was essential in achieving Selecta Group's objectives. We are extremely happy that we have found a company composed of true professionals that provided us with all the support we needed and more. Their tidy and precise work methodology allowed Gruppo Argenta to meet our internal and group deadlines at all times."

Nicholas Toscani, IT and Marketing Specialist