Nokia: Ovi launch at CES

Nokia: Ovi launch at CES

AR game wins the show

The Challenge

Multinational technology company Nokia wanted to launch its Ovi suite of services at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The client was looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, promoting Ovi products and drawing consumers to its booth. Nokia was also keen to ensure that engagements with promotions for Ovi products were measurable.

The Solution

We created the Ovi game to address Nokia's footfall and measurement needs. Visitors to the booth were attracted by the chance to win a new Nokia device as part of a daily giveaway strategy at CES. To stand a chance of winning, exhibition attendees had to complete a game card by visiting each of the four parts of their exhibition booth. A completed game card unlocked an AR-based game and gave consumers the chance to take home a brand new device.

The Outcome

The design of this experience enabled the client to measure footfall, competition entrants and winners. Nokia recognised our game as a huge success that attracted more attendees than anticipated and increased brand awareness during Ovi's launch.

Fun Fact

Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality continue to make inroads with major brands and our Managing Director, Andrew is frequently asked to speak at conferences on Augmented Reality and the various projects we have delivered.

You can watch the video below: