Johnson and Johnson: Care4Today

Johnson and Johnson: Care4Today

A visual journey through Crohn's disease

The Challenge

Care4Today is a digital solution, designed to help improve patient outcomes by enabling them to better manage their condition with medication. As explained by the Head of Janssen Healthcare Innovation, Diego Miralles MD: “We have identified improving medication adherence as one of our key initiatives. The Care4Today™ Mobile Adherence platform can help overcome the number one barrier to consumers taking their medications by providing customised reminders delivered via secure messaging directly to their cell phone, a device that most people carry with them at all times.”

We were commissioned to demonstrate the power of this concept using Augmented Reality and a Crohn's disease example at a major industry conference in Spain.

The Solution

We worked closely with our partners, Taylor James, to create an interactive, augmented reality-based experience to help explain the application to attendees. With a history of working with augmented reality since 2010, we had a high level of experience in delivering a consistent user experience.
A scale model of a small town depicted 'a day in the life of Michael', a fictional sufferer of the condition. The model was the size of a dining table and featured trees, a park, supermarket, car park, and rows of houses that took delegates on a visual journey around the model. The model town used markers which acted as targets for the AR application. Delegates could move the app over each area in the model town. Where their mobile camera encountered a marker, their tablet would bring up a segment of video that guided them through Michael's journey.

Attention to detail was critical with this project. We arranged a visit to the creator of the model town to advise on marker and tablet positioning. We worked alongside both the model makers and Taylor James to build robust augmented reality software that functioned seamlessly on the tablets displayed around the model, taking into account factors such as delegate height variances, lighting within the venue and accessibility of the markers for the delegates as they navigated around the model.

The Outcome

The launch of Care4Today at the conference was a huge success, increasing footfall and brand awareness for the application which is now being used for a wide variety of medication.

Fun Fact

Johnson & Johnson loved the concept so much that the model was displayed in the company's corporate headquarters.

You can watch the clip below: