Investec's Rocket Reader

Investec's Rocket Reader

Smart investing at your fingertips

The Challenge

Investec provides financial products and services to a select client base in two principal markets: South Africa and the UK, as well as in certain other countries. The company wanted to develop an application that would visualise the performance of their savings accounts in a fun and engaging way.

The Solution

Investec likes to do things a little differently and we were more than happy to help. We worked closely with our partners at the Foreground creative agency to develop a web-based application called the Rocket Rate Reader.

The app was designed to compare interest rates from a variety of savings accounts around the UK. Over the period of a year, it showed the top five performing accounts and indicated where a given bank was within that list.

The Outcome

Over 12 months, our Rocket Reader application helped track the top five highest interest rate returns of UK savings accounts, demonstrating how opening an Investec account was a smart investment for British citizens. The project looked stunning and was delivered on time and on budget.

Fun Fact

Investec continues to innovate by using an onminchannel approach to providing consumers with quality financial advice.