Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

A UK first in Augmented Reality retail display

The Challenge

Hugo Boss is a leading premium global fashion retailer. One of most successful stores on the King's Road in London wanted to develop an interactive shop window to promote their 'Black Magic' collection over the Christmas period.

The Solution

We built an outward-facing Augmented Reality (AR) virtual fashion show to attract passers by, and an in-store competition to give away store vouchers and prizes. Both experiences could be unlocked through Hugo Boss advertisements placed in Shortlist and Stylist magazines as well as playing cards handed out by shop workers at the location.

The Outcome

With help from Arishi, Hugo Boss was able to run a highly successful in-store Augmented Reality experience. The event, which took place in a busy, upscale area in London drew crowds that observed the AR interaction taking place outside the building. Hugo Boss was thrilled with the increase in footfall and sales during the festive season. Check out the video below to see how the game worked.

Fun Fact

You can view the clip below:


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