Artificial intelligence made simple

The Challenge

Founder and CEO, Hans-Peter Güllich, and his partners launched DYDON to deliver 'explainable' Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a flexible computational engine. This is AI which provides a traceable set of results that enables analysis of almost any business scenario, supported by a trail which can later be referred back to internally or as part of an audit.

DYDON had a vision: to simplify AI for businesses so that the power of AI could be leveraged without internal technical expertise. DYDON needed the right technical partner to make this happen.

The Solution

DYDON had made great strides forward with their AI platform, but had reached a point where a new development team was needed to reach production milestones. After introducing DYDON to our technical team, Güllich and his partners were impressed with our technical ability, communication and level of engagement.

We undertook a review of the existing code and within a few weeks, we took DYDON's product to a new level. We developed the platform over a period of five years, adding new functionality and ensuring the product can enter new verticals in a more seamless and scaleable way than before.

The Outcome

DYDON's AI solution is designed to deliver a turnkey, B2B AI solution that enables companies to create their own customised AI platform without inhouse development expertise. We delivered the platform in a streamlined timeframe, on time and on budget.

Due to the success of this versatile platform, were able to support DYDON by helping to market the product in new territories.

Fun Fact

Dydon referred us to another academically-led company looking to develop an AI-driven component. Other AI developers advised that the project would take at least three to four weeks to produce. From start to finish, our team was able to turn around the coding, testing and finalised AI component in only five days!