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Software Developer


Job overview

Arishi is looking to recruit a top-flight Intermediate Software Developer to join our team. The successful candidate will work on large web development projects (100 - 1000+ working days), in small multi-functional teams, alongside a peer group at the top of their profession.

They will be able to manage, motivate and develop less experienced team members. Our team is some of the most advanced multi-disciplinary developers in the industry, capable of delivering solutions faster and better than teams ten times our size. We’re very proud of them!

Work Experience: Software Development (Java, Python) for 3-5 years.
Job Location: Indore (M.P.)
Job Type: Full-time (WFO)

Must have

  • Demonstrable capability within Java EE / Python.

  • Experience with Web Development, MVC, Web Services (REST, SOAP), MicroService, Dependency Injection frameworks (e.g. Spring).

  • Code profiling and static analysis tools.

  • Experience with Distributed Version Control systems (Git).

  • Demonstrable capability in developing with and tuning enterprise and Open Source databases (eg. Oracle, Sybase, PostGreSQL, MySQL or even NOSQL like MongoDB).

Should have

  • Web (Java, Python, PHP) and mobile development (native Android, iOS or cross platform frameworks).

  • Demonstrable experience of working on highly distributed systems.

  • Continuous Integration tools (TeamCity).

  • An understanding of virtualisation and how it is leveraged in development and deployment.

  • Knowledge of at least one flavour of Linux, like Ubuntu, RedHat.

  • Working understanding of Test Driven Development.

  • A solid approach to diagnostics of software, OS and hardware issues.

Professional Expectations

  • Supreme professionalism with colleagues, clients and in representing Arishi to the wider business community.

  • Excellent timekeeping and focused on project delivery.

  • Basic understanding of the legal principles of Intellectual Property, client confidentiality and company confidentiality.

  • Appreciation of the differences of working for an international company and the expectations that go with this.

  • Be an excellent communicator and presenter in all forms (in-person, email, over the phone).

  • Proactively contribute to a positive team atmosphere and company culture, and generally be a role model for the junior members of the team.


And most of all...

An opinion. You will be challenged at the interview - we look forward to hearing your ideas!

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