Augmented/Virtual Reality

Bridging real and virtual

Seeking to use augmented or virtual reality to create a spellbinding consumer experience? Our developers created the first and most lauded global augmented reality experiences and continue to supply market leading AR and VR to clients in the marketing, advertising and retail sector.

Using 3D, facial recognition and animation, we can provide amazing online and retail experiences. For consumers on the move, we use GPS tracking to overlay information onto live data from the street, concert venues, trade exhibitions and more.

Many have claimed to have been responsible for UK firsts in this area, but we can confidently state that it was us. We have worked with a number of the leading platforms in this area since 2008, and have a clear understanding of the most appropriate technology to meet your needs. Whether you need a web, mobile or kiosk solution, we've done it before and can do it for you.