Magnolia Publishes Digital Experience Research

19 March 2020

Magnolia Publishes Digital Experience Research

As Magnolia Gold Partners, we are delighted to receive a Magnolia white paper that sheds light on the complexity of delivering Digital Experience (DX).

We were attracted to Magnolia’s innovative thinking around Content Management several years ago and are delighted that we now represent them as Gold Partners. We have helped many forward-thinking organisations deploy Magnolia, freeing up teams to become more productive, creative and raising the profile of their brands.

Magnolia’s CMS is a highly flexible, enterprise grade solution which pleases both technical teams through its rich, secure and open architecture and end users through its ease of use.

This independent research into DX is valuable in helping us understand the current disconnect between marketing and IT functions. IT departments may feel that they need to maintain control of technology choices but may be unaware of all the needs of those in the marketing function.

Magnolia’s whitepaper is definitely worth a read. You can download it here.