Covid19 resources for healthcare professionals

22 April 2020

Covid19 resources for healthcare professionals

At Arishi, we're not content to stay at home and bake banana bread. We want to play our part in helping the dedicated people in the NHS in whatever way we can.

To that end, we are very proud to announce the launch of the Covid19 Med Ed Hub to which we have contributed in partnership with Medical Realities.

The current pandemic has led to an immediate need for global educational tools for frontline healthcare workers to cope with the demands of the management of patients with the illness. Medical students are being fast tracked into the clinical environment and also tens of thousands of healthcare workers have volunteered to come back to the workplace.

We have put together a centralised repository, which will constantly be updated by leading professionals in each field, to help the half million front line team members have the right information at the right time, for free.

A number of training modules will be available on the site over the coming weeks.