XR Tech Summit Qatar: XR Technology in Healthcare Panel

XR Tech Summit Qatar: XR Technology in Healthcare Panel

23 November 2021

Arishi Managing Director, Andrew Elia, has participated in a panel assessing the potential for XR technology within healthcare.

The discussion, taking place at the digital XR Tech Summit in Qatar, brought together a high level panel which included:

  • Dr Sana Farid, Pioneer of XR and AI Strategist Founder – Munfarid and VRXOn
  • Dr Jennifer N Avari Silva, Director, Pediatric Electrophysiology – St Louis Children’s Hospital
  • David Boucher, Corporate Chief of Service Excellence – Aster DM Healthcare, Dubai
  • Sowmyanrayan Srinivasan, Head of Technology & Strategic Partnerships – Novartis
  • Andrew Elia, Founder & Managing Director – Arishi

Hosted by Dr Farid, the areas discussed included:

  • Practical uses of Virtual Reality within healthcare
  • The impact on patient care for diagnosis and patient education and decision-making
  • Surgical training and how to create realistic experiences within a VR environment
  • The role of AI in fine-tuning patient data to create personalied medicine

The topics raised were wide-ranging and led to interesting questions around the role of empathy in modern medicine, the role that technology should play in patient care and the empowerment of the patient in treatment decisions.

Arishi would like to thank the organisers, The Rendezvous Experts, for hosting such an interesting second day of the conference.


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