When Sharepoint doesn't look like Sharepoint

Global investment bank Nomura wanted to upgrade its company intranet to create more powerful and effective internal communications.

Our brief was to work with Nomura’s IT department to revise the existing SharePoint intranet, making it visually appealing and easy to use.

We created a strong design that used minimal functionality within SharePoint and weighted development towards a rich front-end experience.

A high degree of interactivity was a major priority for the project. The homepage had the feel of a news rich external website, giving easy access to the latest Nomura stories and information. The client was keen that staff could influence the news and data they saw first, so we employed advanced filters to help staff customise information feeds throughout the site.

The existing SharePoint search facility did not serve client requirements for easy access to information. We implemented innovative search technology onto the SharePoint intranet to deliver a richer, multi-faceted search function.

Our partners, Athlon, provided the design and User Experience (UX) and we worked alongside them to ensure that potential development issues were identified and avoided.

Arishi's Managing Director, Andrew Elia explains

“Projects like this are about seeing beyond the raw requirement for a functioning system. Traditionally intranets have not delivered a user experience of the same calibre as external websites. We are delighted to have been involved in this project, which pushed the core technology to the max, providing an experience that certainly wasn’t out of the box.”