Cotton USA

Cotton USA

Bringing new technology to bloom

The National Cotton Council is part of the US Government’s Department of Agriculture. The NCC’s objectives are to promote US cotton by providing guidance on suppliers, regions and products throughout the supply chain, worldwide.

We have been working with the NCC since 2014, initially helping to create the NCC’s new website. The project required us to interface with the client’s designers and UX specialists in the US, turning their vision into a high performing website.

Now that the site is launched, we have made several modifications to the functionality and back end programming, including turning the Directory of Fiber Suppliers into a CMS function and creating timely stock market feeds that do not affect page load times.

The client also asked us to help automate the publication of a Weekly Cotton Report which had to be done without using an API. We developed software that could follow a link to a weekly PDF, scrape the relevant content and push the information into the Content Management System where it is automatically published.